11 thoughts on “Me-oh-Miyake”

  1. Meurgh – looks great on the patten envelope but sounds a mare to make. I think I’ll pass on this one!


  2. All hail to you to attempting this. I have the pattern (we’re like pattern twins you and me) and have made the trousers; the top being a ‘one of these days’ projects. I like the idea of it but are unsure if I’d actually wear it. No shortcuts with this one then?


    1. I’m unsure about the wearability too, but it’s so INTERESTING! 3 rectangles into all that…amazing. I’ve been pondering all night [you know how that works!] and had a few notions- elastic threaded through the top of the side panels could fix the gaping there without altering the shapes radically. I’m going to give it a good press over those shoulder pleats, and then pinch out the excess. The wife is also intrigued, so may let me use her as a dummy as long as she can still see the motorbike racing over my shoulder! I’m also wondering why I had to bind such a long long edge, when loads of that edge ends up in a seam or hidden…very odd.


  3. ‘The shoulders stand about 1.5″ higher than I do, and because of this, anyone could walk up to me and slide things across my chest from armhole to armhole. Or my back, as they prefer.’ Ha, ha. Far too fussy for me – I usually miss some of the marks, so I have no chance.

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