The Bottom Line

Hurrah! The end of the marking is [sort of] in sight! One of the papers I marked today amused me greatly- the student hadn’t managed to get much right, but had written some wry comments.  Here’s my favourite:I’m very slightly ahead of schedule though, so I rewarded myself with an hour or so sewing before … Continue reading The Bottom Line


‘Tis done!  The parrot has landed! V2813, stretch cotton sateen panel print from The Textile Centre. A couple more buttonholes, loads of teensy buttons to sew on [I used ones left from my daughter’s wedding dress for now, they may end up different colours courtesy of nail varnish].  A few ‘French tacks’ [whatever they may … Continue reading Polly-amorous!

Parrot fashion

Hurrah!  The worst of the marking is over, and time for sewing hath returned! I still have one unit to mark, but plenty of time to do it, so the pressure is off.  I had a bit of TOIL stacked up at work. and booked today off, intending to try to join my lovely wife … Continue reading Parrot fashion

I Aten’t Dead!

[Thanks Terry for the 2 best role models an old battleaxe could possibly wish for!] I’m still neck deep in exam marking, and still being held in suspense about the redundancies.  So I’m pretty tired and fractious, all in all.  Fortunately my lovely wife is keeping me fed, supplying me with gallons of tea, and … Continue reading I Aten’t Dead!

I feel old!

Just taking five from the marking and having a little YouTube pootle…and found this: Followed a couple more links, and found that Toni Basil’s SEVENTY ONE! Apparently she was pushing forty when she released ‘Mickey’.  Who’d a thunk? I feel soooooo old! Continue reading I feel old!

Dented Fairy

Basically what my boss said to me today, but neither as humorous or as cute.  Apparently I shouldn’t get upset and agitated when the exams staff fuck up my students’ exam arrangements and cause them stress.  I got slapped down. As you may guess, my tits are still not exactly calm. Back to the marking…. Continue reading Dented Fairy

Kids are…

Went to work.  Gave students cake.  Students like cake.  Students come back for seconds.  One takes TWO slices, despite accusations of piggery. Some time later, said student is sitting with half eaten cake still by his side.  Made students eat more cake.  Turn away, turn back.  Last lump of cake is in a bottle of … Continue reading Kids are…