Goin’ to Bloglovin’

4 thoughts on “Goin’ to Bloglovin’”

  1. That’s good, I am your number 2 follower – not your number one though. I follow a few by subscription, including you and I always thought it was the choice of the writer not to be on bloglovin and it is much easier in bloglovin so hopefully others will also follow Oonabaloona’s lead.

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  2. I have had you on my bloglovin reading list since you started. So, as usual, I’m confused………..


  3. tbh, I had no idea at all how all this bloggety stuff works, and how visible my blog might actually be… I pick up some from Bloglovin. some from links through other folks, some just seem to have appeared in my line of sight! I just jumped happily onto OOna’s bandwagon and followed instructions. Let’s see what transpires


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