That sinking feeling

6 thoughts on “That sinking feeling”

  1. Sorry to see the cakes, I have digital scales and have stopped using them, give me the good old fashioned ones. Your poppies are lovely, we have some of the pink ones and they are lovely too at the moment.

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  2. When marking coursework for my students this year I came up with SOAP as feedback. All those who received this etched into their work asked what this was. “Shite On A Page” I replied.
    It then became a badge of honour – bit like an ASBO!!
    One can only try………….. whether it’s students or cakes!

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    1. Ah thank gawd I don’t have to deal with coursework any more. Mind you, BTEC assignments come a close second for SOAP. ‘A line is a line, and a curve is a curve, but they’re basically the same’ was a gem from last week…


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