Buttonhole Blues…

7 thoughts on “Buttonhole Blues…”

    1. *sigh* we all have our crosses to bear. I haven’t done them for ages, but they always USED to be OK. I did gazillions of handsewn eyelets for the wife’s wedding dress, and they were pretty good…

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  1. Ah – purple cut leaf elder – now I see. I tried growing them here but it’s way too hot and they burn. Still, looks lovely in your garden! But those buttonholes, oh dear – I try to avoid them too. Good luck with the hand sewn ones.


  2. Your machine is not playing nice. Could you support the piece that has to be buttonholed with interfacing? Is your machine one of those which have an extra bit of threading to the bobbin thread for buttonholes?


    1. I’ve never had a machine that plays nice! It’s already interfaced…I’ve never noticed anything about different threading. I just need to go back to never making anything with buttonholes until the day I can afford a fancy machine thgat does the job properly. It’s no real hardship!


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