Another era endeth…

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  1. I often read out your posts to my husband because he teaches at an FE college and many of your comments sound just like things he is always saying. As he now teaches part time (until the end of term only – then – at last retires properly) he just takes the BTecs (in Electronics) and this week it has been the same as you, waiting for the last dribbles to come in. He particularly laughed at “I teach therefore I drink” but he doesn’t have the advantage of being able to sew to fill in the time. Instead he is getting rid of 40+ years of paper (slight exaggeration) and revelling in not going to ‘morning prayers’ meetings.

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  2. And today I went to work and answered some stupid e-mails, wrote my self-Evaluation Report (shite), enrolled some early student for next year and then really went to work – tiled an Alabama Chanin wrap skirt, traced a draped top and fielded queries about EMA – love this time of year!
    Tomorrow I hope to do some cutting out in preparation for the summer hols!

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