Slight changes to plans…

7 thoughts on “Slight changes to plans…”

  1. Bleurgh repairs are pants – hate ’em. This week having finished my 86 flamenco dresses, I altered a dress for a friend – oh yes, said I after wine had been taken, no problem, it just want the shoulders lifting. Then without the beer goggles I see it is a) fully and beautifully lined, b) has a back yoke that runs round into the shoulder seam, so that had to be reduced or the back shoulder didn’t fit the front. So, unpicking with a tiny teeny unpicker for the tiny teeny stitches that under stitched the beautiful lining – grrr, reshaping the yoke, and stitching the new shoulder seam in place – did it by hand as less faff than under machine. All done now. Lesson learned – never say yes to anything sewing-isn whilst drunk.


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