Parrot fashion

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  1. A lot neater than I could do by hand. Never did master that technique, even on thicker fabrics. 10/10 for sticking with it, it’s going to be a fab shirt. Would look great with red buttons hiding under the fly front (or mix of all parrot colours), just as a flash and a hint to what’s on the back.
    Garden’s looking lovely too!


    1. I’m thinking coloured buttons too- great minds eh? I could even go with all different- if I can’t find suitable, I could do the nail varnish trick. Hmmmm. I had a quick look this morning and the buttonholes look much better when I’m not squinting at them through a magnifying lamp. Wifelet says they look perfect to her. Then again, she’s as blind as I am!


  2. I ‘d take my hat off to you – if I wore one, I don’t remember the last time I did hand sewn buttonholes. Looking good, I think coloured buttons would be a great idea. Glad all the exams/marking are done and you have a bit more time for yourself.

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