That sinking feeling

I’m making decent enough progress on the marking to intersperse it with some baking, and the occasional squinty-eyed foray into the garden sunshine.  It’s not all good though. Remember the last post about all the cakey-baking?  I knocked out 4 chocolate cakes last night, all good.  Today’s kitchen excursion was to make 2 or 3 … Continue reading That sinking feeling


When will I learn to keep my big mouth shut? [yeah yeah, never blah blah] I like cakes.  Mainly eating them of course, but that means making them if they’re going to be worth the eating…and since all my kids left home, I’ve found out that OTHER people appreciate my cooking and baking, so I … Continue reading Crumbs!

Mark Staring Mad!

Me today…and for a couple of weeks to come, I suspect. Yep, A level marking season is upon me, and I’m doing 2 units concurrently, so my eyes are already starting to swivel and plunge in their sockets. I’ve also had to spend the day at work chasing up on stupid admin errors/omissions/general fuck ups.  … Continue reading Mark Staring Mad!