Dented Fairy

Basically what my boss said to me today, but neither as humorous or as cute.  Apparently I shouldn’t get upset and agitated when the exams staff fuck up my students’ exam arrangements and cause them stress.  I got slapped down. As you may guess, my tits are still not exactly calm. Back to the marking…. Continue reading Dented Fairy

Kids are…

Went to work.  Gave students cake.  Students like cake.  Students come back for seconds.  One takes TWO slices, despite accusations of piggery. Some time later, said student is sitting with half eaten cake still by his side.  Made students eat more cake.  Turn away, turn back.  Last lump of cake is in a bottle of … Continue reading Kids are…

That sinking feeling

I’m making decent enough progress on the marking to intersperse it with some baking, and the occasional squinty-eyed foray into the garden sunshine.  It’s not all good though. Remember the last post about all the cakey-baking?  I knocked out 4 chocolate cakes last night, all good.  Today’s kitchen excursion was to make 2 or 3 … Continue reading That sinking feeling


When will I learn to keep my big mouth shut? [yeah yeah, never blah blah] I like cakes.  Mainly eating them of course, but that means making them if they’re going to be worth the eating…and since all my kids left home, I’ve found out that OTHER people appreciate my cooking and baking, so I … Continue reading Crumbs!