The fat lady is keeping her gob shut…

14 thoughts on “The fat lady is keeping her gob shut…”

  1. Love the tops, not sure if I’ve got that pattern, must have a look. Somebody’s fault – not too far from here, that sent me off down the StyleArc path. I do hope that its good news about the job, surely they must know what is going to happen by now and have the good manners to let you know.

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    1. The tops are great- I hope they don’t explode too soon! Fingers crossed about the job- they MUST know who’s affected by now (you’ld hope) so why prolong the agony?


      1. They’ve scored us all, but won’t tell the scores.They won’t even admit who the 2/3 are that are ‘most at risk’, so we’re all looking askance at one another, and are afraid to ask. Bloody awful.


      1. hehehe I think it helps that I just don’t suit pink/orange/yellow at all…so that keeps my love of colour [fairly] controlled. Mind you, purple/green/blue still makes for some lush combos…and OH can wear all the other colours- result!


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