Shifty Grades of Fey…

5 thoughts on “Shifty Grades of Fey…”

  1. Sorry that the newcomer has been causing disharmony in your house. To be brutally honest, I would have to seek a new home for Simba. I don’t think you have the luxury of time to allow things to settle as next time Vita leaves, she may not come back.

    Someone on PatternReview has just posted a terrific version of the Nell shirt, mainly due to the fabric combination she used, and I think the style is right up your street.

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    1. I’m not happy about it AT ALL. He’s a lovely puss, and things never settle down til you let them…I am however, very hen-pecked when it comes to the animals, as Dawn really does think they’re her babies. Sigh.


    2. I’ve just had a stunning bit of Liberty lawn arrive, whixh would be just the job…contrast trim in the silk chambray oh yeah! I’ve just taped it up and done a rough measurement- the sizing is ENORMOUS


  2. Has simba had the chop? It might settle down his domination tendencies…he’s such a pretty boy! I love your fabric and patterns – I saw the shirt on blogless Anna and really liked the contrast on the cuffs and collar


    1. Yep he’s been done- he’s just very boisterous, and hasn’t [from what I can tell]] been brought up around other cats at the right age. Most breeders keep these pure breeds a bit longer thanyour average moggy, and make sure they’re good with people and other animals. I think he slipped the net when it comes to other animals. He IS improving though not fast enough for the wife’s tender feelings.


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