Wishy Washy

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  1. No I do not. I work so slowly. I inch along. I do one thing at a time. You are a veritable machine DF. I love these plans and the fabrics look great. I am sorry you have all that job and cat stress going on. I know the making a holiday wardrobe (yea!) will be a great de-stresser and make you feel amazing.


  2. I do “slash and stack”. I love cutting out and I really like being able to sew up multiple items one after the other.
    I’ve made the Brenne skirt and I absolutely love it. I made it in a not quite purple linen. It makes up easily (fortunately for me) and is versatile to drape and change as the mood takes me.
    I’m so sorry it didn’t work out with your gorgeous cat. Maybe your wife will relent on Saturday?


  3. Same here, fabrickated. I have no dedicated sewing space, so don’t have the room for multiple projects. My sewing preparation is so long-winded that I would be totally exhausted by more than one project at a time.

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