Steaming On #4

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    1. Not my party, so couldn’t comment…but this will get at least another outing at Halloween as I feel we need to reinstate ourt annual big bashes…but with a steampunk theme this year instead of the usual vampires. Steampunk vampires get double credit of course


  1. Talk steamy to me- do you read the genre too? Any recommendations? I find bodice rippers with dirigibles or teen paranormal- I want more substance and style! Help!


    1. I’m back! Lots of scifi use the ‘alternate history’ idea, or also there are some futuristic stories where the x=society has been reinvented ina steamypunky way- sometimes Victorian influenced of course. I found this list of which I’ve read 3 or 4. I can def recommend the Diamond Age and Perdido Street Station. Very different, not your run of the mill sort of thing.

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  2. I’ve read a few, and I feel your pain, they are all too often light frothy comedies, very tongue in cheek [which is fine, I just read 2 such on the train]. I have a few on my shelves that might interest you, I’ll check when I get home [back to work today-meh]. Sometimes searching for ‘alternate history’ throws up more interesting options.


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