Steaming On #6.5

8 thoughts on “Steaming On #6.5”

  1. It’s looking good, missus. I love the buttons and the ‘bustier’ fabric is GORGEOUS. Onwards.


    1. It’s fab isn’t it? My fingertip is raw from all the hand sewing, and I swore a lot- I’d forgotten how the velvet ribbon snags and breaks thread every few stitches. Damn stuff. I’m debating putting the little decorative ‘gold’ buttons down the front of the bustier now. More is more?


  2. It’s lovely!…Wish I’d got the chance to make something fun like this.
    Gold buttons? Yes….Why not?
    I hate hand sewing and I avoid it whenever I can…Ugh!!

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    1. I’ve been looking for an excuse to make something costumey for yonks. It is fun, if rather self indulgent. Handsewing is fine, and would be even less arduous if I could persevere and master using a thimble to save my battered fingertips. Ah well…


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