Steaming On #13. [Definitely unlucky for some…]

5 thoughts on “Steaming On #13. [Definitely unlucky for some…]”

  1. Gosh, my brain would have melted doing all those things at once. I love your dupion, it is a fabulous colour. I think that a chemise will be very in character and look great under your corset. Could you cut a pattern to cover your hat, using the hat as a guide? Then you would get rid of the “vortex”. Your outfits are really coming along. 🙂 Xx

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    1. The thing is, the hat doesn’t look to have been made in bits, but shaped from a felt bowl…or whatever you milliners call it lol! I like the pleats and tucks, they give texture, but I think I’ve devised a fix for the top…


    1. Oh it got worse. She phoned up today, and Dawn said ‘hey ma, Elaine’s managed to get all that frill off that you didn’t like’. Response: ‘What! I did like it, I just wanted her to hem it to stop it fraying!’. Several minutes of moaning ensued. Sigh. Guess who won’t be doing any more alterations in that corner?…

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