Back to Life…

4 thoughts on “Back to Life…”

  1. Looks good. Still sniggering about the wide on a table follow up comment – I think I would too.
    Have a good day on Saturday (the best day to go in my opinion – though Thursday is often good)


      1. Oooh I’ve just been making that one except I lengthened it (to below the knee). I’ve made it from a double sided meltonish thingy (used t’other side for the contrast) and I’m going to wear it as a coat. Not too thick but thick enough to be a bit annoying when sewing through several layers. Although big it is nice and ‘swingy’. But I found the neck was too tight – though that might be a combination of my chubby wee neck and the fact that my fabric has no stretch. Also I though that the wrists were a bit neat for wearing something underneath so I put in a triangle of the contrast fabric and pretended I meant to do that all along. So compromises if it is to be a coat. It’s a really easy pattern and I’ll try a proper stretch fabric to make it a dress rather than a coat next time. Your version looks super. Great fabric.


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