Fancy That!

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  1. You are very talented and I love your outfits, especially the ones you made for your own wedding. You both look so happy and beautiful. I made my wedding dress in 1970 and I was very pleased with that but I would ‘t try to make one for anybody else. The fitting issues are bad enough for myself, let alone some other body. I would like a week long residential course on fitting, preferably somewhere lovely, like Cumbria with like minded old sewers!

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    1. Aw thanks! I never used to need to fit anything- basically if it didn’t work out of the packet I assumed I’d done something wrong lol. I know better now, and have many many more fitting issues…sigh time is cruel.


  2. I know what you mean about feeling cheeky asking for the money.
    I’ve been altering clothes for over 30 years now…The only job I’ve ever done and I still feel awkward when I say how much somebody owes me.
    You’d have thought I’d have a bit more faith in my own ability by now.

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