Fat ladies and singing…[part 2 of 2]

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  1. I did costumes for my local Am Dram for a couple of seasons – they were such prima donnas I couldn’t be a…d to do it for long.

    I did make all the costumes for my theatre and dance school for over 10 years – from Oliver to Annie, via South Pacific, Cabaret, Firebird and Nutcracker. Much last minute sewing, so one year I co-erced a keen mum to help. She had to make 20 little mu-mu dresses and 1 shorts and shirt for small people ( age 3-4 years) Come day of dress rehearsal she strolled in and said she hadn’t had time to do anything – she’d taken the fabric up to somewhere bloody miles away to her mum for her to do them and she’d have them show day. Turns out on show day mum hadn’t had time either …… So I have 21 potentially naked kids. OK breathe – ran to nearby fabric land and bought 2 bolts of flowery tat, came back and tore fabric up into lengths and tied it round kids like a sarong, plonked on flower garlands and pushed them on stage. All well that ends well – except one furious mum – I had sent her little boy out in a dress and she wasn’t happy – I am imagining the photos -oooopsss!


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