Para-medic #1

Well, parasol medic really… Remember this poor battered parasol I found on ebay? I decided I really should get going and bring it back to life, especially since another one which also needs TLC. No, not that TLC silly… Here’s my second rescued baby: Green!  And that pretty tassel!  And it has that cute … Continue reading Para-medic #1

Of Corset Is #3

AAAARHGGGHHHHH!All 34 eyelets in place, tediously painstaking lacing inserted.  Said lacing duly slackened off to fullest extent [4″ +] to make for ease of donning the corset. Beautiful shaping gained from the hip gussets, so I’ll have a waist without having to cinch in too much…inside seam allowances clipped, and 50% catch-stitched into place so … Continue reading Of Corset Is #3