Of Corset Is! #8: the big reveal

Here it is!  I’ve tucked some padding into the hips, pending making the proper pads, just to show off the outrageous silhouette.  The laces will be sorted out so that I don’t have to have two miles of cord tucked around me, but I don’t think there’s any avoiding the need for setting them very … Continue reading Of Corset Is! #8: the big reveal

Para-medic #1

Well, parasol medic really… Remember this poor battered parasol I found on ebay? I decided I really should get going and bring it back to life, especially since I..er..bought another one which also needs TLC. No, not that TLC silly… Here’s my second rescued baby: Green!  And that pretty tassel!  And it has that cute … Continue reading Para-medic #1

Of Corset Is #3

AAAARHGGGHHHHH!All 34 eyelets in place, tediously painstaking lacing inserted.  Said lacing duly slackened off to fullest extent [4″ +] to make for ease of donning the corset. Beautiful shaping gained from the hip gussets, so I’ll have a waist without having to cinch in too much…inside seam allowances clipped, and 50% catch-stitched into place so … Continue reading Of Corset Is #3