Of Corset Is #2

7 thoughts on “Of Corset Is #2”

  1. Bargain Hunt is always on when I’m at the gym and the screen is directly in front of the stepper so I have no choice about watching it. , Well, yesterday there was a couple of steam punks (on the red team as it happens). So I thought of you. Maybe they were friends of yours!

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  2. Reverse side stitching showing didn’t make me cringe at all. I like being able to see my stitching on the insides. Least I know that I am doing it straight then. Busk insertion and the grommets are the two worst bits on your hands. I have completely trashed mine making corsets and my joints are shot now so beware. The colour of your fabric is lovely, I am glad that you went with the bronze, Xx


  3. Not been around for a while so just catching up. Love the ‘tough’ photo, really made me smile. As productive as always, love corsets but never made one.

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