Para-medic #1

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  1. No. But my mum bought a job lot of umbrellas in an auction that came from British Rail lost property. There were some amazing antiques there including a few parasols (dark colours, not remotely waterproofed). Quite a few had moth holes and similar issues. She left them by the door and gave them away to people who came round and left when it was raining.

    I love what you are doing and hope it will be very beautiful when you have finished.

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    1. Ta! It’s quite tricky getting the pics, and as I’m no perfectionist I only take snaps and then run to the computer to download them. If I get ANY good ones, I’m thrilled. I’m currently debating giving the lace a second wash, now that it’s flattened out, to see what’s tsrnish and what’s dirt…maybe I won’t in case it all falls apart though…decisions decisions


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