Of Corset is! #5

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  1. I don’t think that I would assess the final fit of your corset, and finish of your internal seams, until at least some of the bones were in. As they are 3-dimensional they will take up more room that you think. The bust does look quite loose too. I think that it will need a lot of padding. When you have the bones in get some super-long laces and get into your corset when it is fastened but loose. tighten it a little bit, just enough to stop it slipping down and with the narrowest point sitting on your natural waist bend over and arrange yourself into the bust area of the corset. Tighten it up then as all your bits are in the right places, you might need to repeat. If you are going for a “Gibson Girl style silhouette then I can heartily recommend Past Pattens No.106. It is well drafted and a quick sew. Xx

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    1. Fab! Yep the bust looks way bigger than it actually is- when I ‘scoop’ the fabric round my boobs, it looks a pretty close match…because there are no bones in the sides yet, averything flops outwards, and it all looks odd. One of the trials of corset making is of course that you really don’t get ‘the look’ until it’s practically finished. I shall look out the past patterns one, I’ve already followed your previous recommendations and bookmarked the site. Ta!


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