Of Corset Is! #6

11 thoughts on “Of Corset Is! #6”

  1. This is looking very nice and that was fast going. I am going to disagree, I don’t think that making corsets is boring. I love it but then again I am a bit obsessed with them even after all these years. How confident are you with your handwork? If you are then maybe flossing would be lovely. It is a lot of bones to do if you aren’t. I am of course biased as I hate flossing. Really can’t sew anything but rudimentary stitches by hand. Love how it looks though. Xx

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    1. Ah, I like the tedious handsewing, buthate trying to machine sew lots of tidy lines! I’m trying to locate a site I found ages ago with some lovely flossing samples shown, but I can’t track it. Any clues? I think it may help disguise the odd wonky bit…


      1. I am but the date is not finalised yet and I have not anywhere to live, yet! 🙂
        I am hoping to get to the “Sew Brum” meet-up if you are going to that. Will probably be my first week down. Looks like a great day. Xx


      1. I had a look…it seems a bit short on time for market/Barry’s/Fancy Silks. Any one of those takes up an hour and a half. When I do a meet, and we do the rounds, we go from about 1030 til 4, including lunch, and end in the pub! I’ll see if I can make it to the city centre, but have to get back to do a birthday nosh for my old folks. Going into the markets on the Tuesday anyway…which is the best day!


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