SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 1-#1, green skirt

6 thoughts on “SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 1-#1, green skirt”

    1. Thanks- it’s a style I’ve liked for ages, but it never occurred to me to just hack up a princess line dress pattern doh! The swoosh of the panels is really nice, and with my new artificial hips, very flattering. I just need to work on the horrendous back fat problem with the jacket now…


    1. Ditto – it looks really good. My son and daughter in law are heavily into Victorian steampunk. They go to Whitby twice a year dressed up to the nines.


      1. We nearly dropped in to Whitby at half term…but traffic and my arthritic hip said no. York was lovely though. We took all out gear with us, then brought it all back again, ah well. I’m determined to make it to Asylum AND Whitby next year. These outfits will need to earn their keep!

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