SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 2-#1: Purple plans

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    1. Oooh it would be lovely to meet up. TBH I had a sinking feeling that a lot of the stalls are shrinking fast- stock not being replaced, and the stalls are getting physically smaller. I think the poor rag market’s days are numbered, which really upsets me. Every time we’ve had a group sewing meet, everyone’s gone crazy for the habby stalls. I think I should start something on a regular basis- it would have to line up with school holidays unless people REALLY like weekends…


      1. Make the rag market meet up on a day I can make!! Not that I’m sewing at the moment but I can always look at the pretties and stroke some fabric!!
        Loving your plans & purchases. May not need teacup buttons but beer tankard ones would be mighty fine. 😉🍺

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  1. Love the buttons, especially the cups and saucers but made me think of Alice in Wonderland, don’t know why. Wish we had somewhere like the rag market, it reminds me of the Huddersfield ‘Monday’ market when I was small and Dewsbury market. Sadly markets ain’t what they used to be. Oh yes I love the purple pretties too.

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