13 thoughts on “Intermission”

  1. You have accomplished a great deal – and with a migraine! (mine finally went away after my divorce…coincidence?? I think not) Good luck with the meds and hope you’ll be free of them very soon. Sparkly treat looks quite delicious.


  2. I’d be feeling really smug if I was you, I love having home made bias at the ready just in case…! As for the meringue, I’m with you’re wifey and love meringue. I’d gave eaten it whilst she was out! Looks scrummy!!
    Ive quite a few Christmassy fabric scraps after making some bunting, and fancy making a table runner. Can you recommend a tutorial for scrappy quilting. I’ve made lots of clothes but not really done any quilting before.


    1. I can’t remember if I used one specific tutorial, or just did my usual trick of watching several and taking a midline! I absolutely HATE the quilting part, but the patchwork is quite restful. I can take some pics of me working through one and stick up a post later if it would help? Google ‘Crazy Quilting’ for videos. It suits my slapdash, non precision style- I know I could never persevere with the accurate type. I may handquilt this, using the long running stitch, Indian/Japanese style of sewing. My cheap machine isn’ttt really up to the real deal!

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  3. Amazing, well done. I’m not surprised that you found your therapy as it was sewing that got me through a bad patch a few years ago. You don’t think of other things if concentrating on being constructive – in a sewing sense. Has the meringue all gone now?


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