SWA[SP]P 2016- more preparation,and a little train-spotting

6 thoughts on “SWA[SP]P 2016- more preparation,and a little train-spotting”

    1. It is rather beautiful- I’d forgotten how glam all these fabrics were. The perils of not clearing stash out often enough I suppose- a folded piece of fabric isn’t the same as one spread out all smooshed up on the table so you see all the shading and drapery. Yum. The silver trimmings were in a ziplock bag stuffed behind some other habby, totally forgotten. Bad Fairy.

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  1. See, we buy these trims etc just in case they are the ones that we will use and then don’t, but its amazing how they come in useful at a future time especially when they have been forgotten. Perhaps they are screaming at us from hidden corners “use me”. Your trims are gorgeous especially the beaded one.

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