SWA(SP)P 2016-Wildcards-#1: Riding outfit

//giphy.com/embed/DkrCPDFvSslyg<p><a href=”http://giphy.com/gifs/80s-sweet-dreams-eurythmics-DkrCPDFvSslyg”>via GIPHY</a></p> Woohoo!  I’m feeling like things are really coming together here.  I’d already played with the idea of the wildcard pack being rather more butch than the other outfits, and the riding jacket was an easy choice The jacket pattern is on its way…   …but I couldn’t decide exactly what to make … Continue reading SWA(SP)P 2016-Wildcards-#1: Riding outfit


The doc has put me on beta-blockers to ward off those horrible [literally] blinding migraines I was getting, and they’re making me rather drowsy at the moment.  Sewing concentration is a bit below par, but I got itchy fingers from being blocked in my productivity, so I decided to stash bust, tidy the sewing pit … Continue reading Intermission