Hurrah for payday!

BUT, the first deadlines are approaching- will I make it?  January 2016, Historical Sewing Monthly, ‘Procrastination’.  My life’s story… I did the adjustments to the top of the parasol cover, and it worked very nicely. I did some slow steady hand sewing the other day, and got the parasol edge trimming attached.  Quite nice too, though … Continue reading Hurrah for payday!

Para-medic #2, stitched up

For the Historical Sewing Monthly’s January challenge [‘procrastination’] I want to finish my UFO parasol.  I started this project in October, since when it has been propped on an upside-down chair in the corner of the room [don’t ask] glaring at me balefully. I’ve re-ironed the fabric remnants for it several times…and then stopped. Yesterday, … Continue reading Para-medic #2, stitched up

SWA(SP)P 2016-Wildcards-#4: Bolero jacket completed

And it’s done!  Quite an easy little item, so I took the pains to do some hand finishing- the understitching, attaching that lovely beaded trim, and finishing the sleeve linings. It feels very Spanish, and although it isn’t in the slightest bit ‘historically accurate’ I’m chuffed with its Gothic/Victorian feel.  I decided to add another … Continue reading SWA(SP)P 2016-Wildcards-#4: Bolero jacket completed