Hurrah for payday!

BUT, the first deadlines are approaching- will I make it?  January 2016, Historical Sewing Monthly, ‘Procrastination’.  My life’s story… I did the adjustments to the top of the parasol cover, and it worked very nicely. I did some slow steady hand sewing the other day, and got the parasol edge trimming attached.  Quite nice too, though … Continue reading Hurrah for payday!

Para-medic #2, stitched up

For the Historical Sewing Monthly’s January challenge [‘procrastination’] I want to finish my UFO parasol.  I started this project in October, since when it has been propped on an upside-down chair in the corner of the room [don’t ask] glaring at me balefully. I’ve re-ironed the fabric remnants for it several times…and then stopped. Yesterday, … Continue reading Para-medic #2, stitched up