SWA(SP)P 2016-various

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  1. These looks fabulous. I really like how your Missus’s bodice is shaped (if you pardon the expression). 🙂 That will be fabulous when it is done. Your twill looks really nice, the weave is very pretty and the colour is lovely. Did you get those latch hooks from Vena Cava? I was eyeing them up for a corset but you have to put them in with rivets. I bought different fasteners for lacing up that also needed rivets to stick and have never had any luck with setting them. I think you need a tool. I used a hammer and it squashed them. Typical me! Xx


  2. What fantastic progress. Really like all the inventive little details. Love that neckline on your missus, don’t know why we don’t see that shape very often, it’s my favourite. Got thrown out of the st Paul’s wearing something similar! Also, thanks for letting us know about the pinking shears, mine are rubbish too, but I didn’t spend good money in them either.

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    1. I’m absolutely itching to start pinking thigs…like everything in sight! It’s a lovely neckline, my lovely wife had a T-shirt with a similar neckline, and she always looked gorgeous in it. I think if you have a broad chest and shoulders, you should exaggerate it, as there’s no disguising it!


  3. It’s great how you have turned the wedding dress pattern (without princess seams? how daft was that) into a lovely little top. It looks beautiful, as you say – just a hint of cleavage. And I really like the short jacket inspiration too with the flared sleeves. This is going to be fun to follow along with.


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