Hurrah for payday!

9 thoughts on “Hurrah for payday!”

  1. I like the irony! This is looking great. Pity that the lace is still a bit icky. Please let me know what worked. I have 3 bin liners full of musty fabric samples that I need to clean. I think that they will go to the launderette with some bicarb and vinegar for the first wash. I am loving those clasps. Vena Cava is one of my favourite ever websites. Xx


  2. I used those clasps for the front edge of a 17th century style woman’s jacket. Not sure if they were ‘awfentic’ but they worked and nobody complained. I’ve still got that jacket, hmm I wonder if I can rework it for use as an everyday jacket. It’s wool lined with linen so it’s probably alterable.


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