Two Butterick Dresses

8 thoughts on “Two Butterick Dresses”

  1. Yes I think the both work, but it is strange to see you in modern dress. I was getting used to the corseted look. Both are relatively short which works well with your nice, slim legs. And the colour blocking takes them up a notch from ordinary to individual. Nice.

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  2. “Shoved to the back of a chair”! I’m just the same. The pile grows ’til the chair becomes very unstable so I take care not to knock it and it stays piled high all winter.
    These two dresses are a couple of winwinwinwins. Five quid apiece, simple to make, hugely complimented and most importantly, you love them (which is obvious from the pictures)
    Baci Sx

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  3. Love the black and white fabric and both dresses look great. I rarely wear dresses so am not tempted but great on you.


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