More goodies for my steampunk wardrobe.

10 thoughts on “More goodies for my steampunk wardrobe.”

    1. I love it too, but it has been lying around forever because I couldn’t work out what to use it for. I think a bit of it got used some years ago to make a bag for my daughter…so that’s why I had to be really creative with it! The front edges of the peplum are from the blank selvage areas, I may have to applique something if the gap irks me. The buttons are some of the lovely haul I got from the rag market last year in prep for the SWAP.

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  1. I heartily recommend working out how to use that Singer buttonhole attachment. Mine is the favorite item I inherited from my mother, and the buttonholes it makes cannot be beat!


    1. I know, and I went to some trouble to get it. The ruddy Singer has been sitting looking beautiful since we got it, as the missus keeps intending to get it cleaned and ready to go…then gets distracted. I’ll have to give her a tump…


    1. Well I must have griped just enough, because I came home from lace-and-ribbon buying today, to find the Singer is opened up, a laptop alongside, and toolbox at the ready. It’s only been about 5 years! lol


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