More toile, more trouble…

7 thoughts on “More toile, more trouble…”

  1. Good grief, it seems you’re making everything twice. I find just trying on a shift dress an effort but to be laced and buttoned and pulled and pushed – exhausting!

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  2. Oh don’t talk to me about Mother’s Day. We’re like the bloody Waltons here in Exeter today but none of us are brave enough to give it a miss! And I am in much admiration of your patience, I think it would have gone out the window a long time ago if it was me. Xxx

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  3. I put some serious faffy effort into this yesterday. I had to unpick an armhole, turn it all inside out, and let it out wherever feasible, including the lining of course. Bones came out, bones went back in. It finally closed. I can do the buttonholes tonight, and then it’s ‘done’…but I think it needs a lot more trim. Seriously, a LOT. We’ll see!


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