Loose threads: SWAP Pack #2 and Wildcards update

7 thoughts on “Loose threads: SWAP Pack #2 and Wildcards update”

  1. I like the wolf design very much.
    Shame about the market. Markets are one of the best ways to shop: freedom and bargains. What’s not to like?


  2. The wolf design is great and now I have seen a great exhibition in Brussels I am really beginning to understand your collection. You are right to go trimming crazy – there was so much of it on show. My favourite were little white flowers made out of wax (mainly on wedding dresses).

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  3. I love the wolf design, it will look amazing when finished.
    I hadn’t heard about the plans for the rag market – so sad. I don’t go too frequently, and have seen enormous changes in the time I have been going, but would miss the facility. I thought it would be secure after the rebuild not so long ago.


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