SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 2-#18: Long-tailed bodice

10 thoughts on “SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 2-#18: Long-tailed bodice”

  1. Definitely impressive. Although the sag is bothering you, it’s not that bad and fully loaded, everything on, it probably wouldn’t be noticed. Except by you of course. I suppose the more you look at it, the bigger it gets. I do that sometimes as well.

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    1. The weird part about the sag is that I would have expected it to happen at the back where the skirt is cut as a half circle: the front is a straight grain rectangle. Weird. I have 2 options, I think- take off the waistband, smoosh the satin up, then re-attach, or smoosh it up and sweep it under the carpet, as I plan to attach a couple of diagonal panels of black lace in any case….I shall see!


  2. I think shorts would have been so cool, but would love to see the skirt version. Poor Dawn, but really giving up the cigarettes is such a good move and she has done well to get to four months. Looking forward to seeing another jacket as the green one is super.


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