Shirty McShirt Face…

…and a little fabric porn. My payday parcels are arriving, so far I have the WONDROUS off-white silk satin, antique glass buttons, and a load of lace trim. I’ve decided to replace the buttons on my green riding jacket, as the blackness of the soutache makes them look grey, so we’re using them for the … Continue reading Shirty McShirt Face…

Like a leder balloon

Sigh.  Come on now, I spend MINUTES thinking up these rubbish puns, the least you could do is smile.  Or groan.  Or something. I’ve spent ages taping and trimming and cutting out the three PDF patterns.  Blimey McCall’s, what a lot of wasted paper!  Someone needs to look a little more closely at the way … Continue reading Like a leder balloon

Getting Quite Shirty

The trousers have not been dropped [fner fner] but c’mon, trousers are pretty easy and boring to make…so I let myself be distracted by wifey’s other obsession:  shirts. I’ve already made her several I went download mad yesterday, and some more PDFs.  Sigh.  Payday weekend, internet connection, someone stop me! I found a designer that … Continue reading Getting Quite Shirty

A bum deal

I have spent today trying to improve the fit on the wife’s trousers.  Some swearing, some hilarity, but I think I’ve learned from it. I’m concentrating for now on the StyleArc Sammi, as we both like the bootcut shape.  I tried some alterations on the Willow as well, but I’ll explain why I’ve pushed them … Continue reading A bum deal

Load of pants…

I mentioned that I’d succumbed, yet again, to StyleArc PDF fever.  I bought three trouser patterns, and a skirt.  The ensued several hours’ worth of cutting and sticking them all together.  I quite like this, but it’s hard on my back!This was my haul: Willow -slim leg, side zip. Sammi-bootleg, fly front. Ebony-elastic waist with … Continue reading Load of pants…

Tickled Pink!

I’m tickled pink by my pin-tucker, and I’m not going to try to say that, with or without any booze in me! Lookee lookee first attempt: As I’ve said many times, I am absolutely NOT a tidy or meticulous or patient type:  all my attempts at tucks heretofore have been a royal mess, wobbly, uneven … Continue reading Tickled Pink!

More tech games

A-ha! Thanks Ruth!  Progress so far with assembling all the pics in one place, using Powerpoint: A little blurry, but it’s a start- I like being able to see that it does all,  indeed,  form a wardrobe…woohoo! A pal on FB gave me some advice on using another package to play with images, and I … Continue reading More tech games