7 thoughts on “Motif-ation”

  1. Looking at hose motifs, have you tried placing them end to end? Giving you 2x approx 40 cm… or three could trail down one side of a skirt with the fourth adorning a pocket on the opposite side?
    It’ll be interesting to see what the historically knowledgeable say.

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    1. Yes I’m thinking something like that, making really bold use of them…none of the wise ones have yet contradicted any of my ideas, and if you get it wrong, they’re usually pretty quick to catch you!

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    1. Hmmm maybe, maybe not- but if I’m making either coat or skirt to use in my costumed exploits, the aim isn’t usually to make them washable- I have all the correct [ish] linens for underneath, and you really just wash them. Any dirt on the outside garments gets sponged off, or maybe dry cleaned…. At a pinch though, I’d unpick them and sew them back on- it is a special item after all!


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