Swings and roundabouts

7 thoughts on “Swings and roundabouts”

  1. You’ve certainly made the most of your Easter break. Fab work and creativity Elaine, really astounding. Oh goody, back to prep and marking and revision; paperwork and spreadsheets and pointless administration, tick box quality; being a counsellor, social worker, surrogate parent, friend, mentor, entertainer and the person who will change someone’s life for the better.

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  2. You’ve achieved such a lot over the Easter break that in one way it hasn’t been a break has it? Yes I know you have enjoyed yourself and sewing is playtime. When is the next playtime, end of May? Love the sleeve embellishment by the way.

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    1. 7 weeks to the next break…except my exam marking will probably have kicked in by then [must check contract dates] so I’ll be pretty busy. That’s why I needed to get on with this, plus of course, the deadline for the SWAP is the end of April. And that will be another year 1/3 over! Where does the time go?


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