Load of pants…

8 thoughts on “Load of pants…”

  1. After all your comments on Style arc patterns on TSF I succomed and have almost finished making a pair of Natasha pants. I haven’t had to make any major alterations except for the length, they are way too long but they are looking good so far. Many thanks DF for introducing me or maybe not, as I’ve spent quite a bit on fabric and patterns. Ooops.

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  2. You are a brave woman tackling trousers but after all the tricksy things that you sew they should be a doddle. I am a bit scared of them to be honest. Have heard very good things about Style Arc and the patterns are very fashion forward. Really looking forwards to seeing how these turn out. Xx


    1. I love love love StyleArc, but have been sticking to stretch, elastic-waist trousers for myself for some time now. I really could do with a nicely fitted pair of smarty pants though


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