Playing with technology

Pack I’m trying to find a way to make a single compilation image of several photos so that I can upload it onto another site.  The above ‘pack’ link is my closest attempt, although I’m none too impressed.  I just want one picture file with several images.  everyone else over at the SWAP headquarters seems … Continue reading Playing with technology

Swings and roundabouts

  Up…I’m making good progress on trimming the purple tail bodice, and only have to do a bit more round the neckline [but I keep changing my mind on the actual arrangement…] Down…It is [of course] taking longer than I’d hoped Up…The combination of trims is, to my mind, working really well, as all the … Continue reading Swings and roundabouts


Well those little embroidered motifs are distracting me nicely from my train of thought…naughty things! They have caused a fair bit of ooh-ing and ah-ing on Historical Sewing Monthly, but no additional info yet.  Mind you, one lady says she has a set of 6 in a different colourway, but she hasn’t been back on … Continue reading Motif-ation