Rag Week, Part 1

As in, Birmingham Rag Market and all the other good stuff. I used to do regular Birmingham sewing meet-ups, but have let them drift over the last year, and decided to resurrect the fun this week while I’m on holiday.  As a member of the Steampunk Seamstress Squadron on FaceBook, I offered to act as … Continue reading Rag Week, Part 1

Blimey O’Reilly!

Just got to say, I’ve been happily chugging along with this blogging lark, having a  chat, making new friends etc etc.  Then I posted that lobstertail bustle thing yesterday, and shared it on a few FB groups I’m in.  Within an hour, the number of views shot up from 90 to over 1000.  Honest!  I … Continue reading Blimey O’Reilly!

Shellfish Sewing

or The Trials and Tribulations of the Lobstertail Bustle: What a fab pattern.  Honest, it goes together like a dream!  There are only 4 pattern pieces, plus the waistband, which hardly counts.  I sewed it up very speedily, and was very impressed by the excellent pattern markings for the boning casings- they go across quite a … Continue reading Shellfish Sewing

Clock lobster!

I’m trying reeeeeeally hard to get some mojo back, despite the drug-haze.  I’ve managed a little cutting spree [you know how much I love cutting out].  So now, the cut-out-but-not-sewn-yet pile consists of denim jodhpurs mock suede bodice for the wife silk bodice for the wife [procrastinating because I can’t NOT cord them now…] silk/cotton … Continue reading Clock lobster!

Lolloping along

I’m actually propranol-olloping, which isn’t anywhere near as bouncy as it might sound.  The doctor upped my dose of beta-blockers a week ago, to ward off the stress related migraines that my job is giving me.  I’m finding it pretty hard to adjust, and feel bone-weary, and often light-headed and dizzy.  Fortunately, we’re into exam … Continue reading Lolloping along