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  1. Did you pintuck and then cut out your pattern pieces after? Or did you add extra to the pattern pieces, then cut and pintuck? I want to make a blouse with pintucks down the front, but I can’t wrap my head around how to best do it.


    1. This is my first attempt, and being lazy, I didn’t do my calculations carefully: I just added 2″ to the sleeve length and just added tucks until they were back to the right length. The pocket piece was meant to have a pleat, so I just tucked until that came to size too. Did I mention that I’m lazy? Your approach will probably work either way: calculate, slash the pattern piece, spread the pieces and then cut OR do your pintucking and cut afterwards. It also depends on how neat and accurate you are!

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      1. Lol thanks- I’m happy to spend time on hand sewing and special finishes [just not all the time] but I find pattern drafting or alteration really boring. Horses for courses!


      2. Thanks for the reply. Your blouse looks great, and there are no signs of laziness there, maybe efficiency? I plan mine down the front of the bodice on each side of the button band. Maybe I’ll add my calculated amount plus some extra ease to be on the safe side.


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