Clock lobster!

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  1. You are just so productive. Were do you find all your motivation? I love the your idea for your bustle, sounds like it will be fabulous. Clock fabric sounds brill. Very Steampunk indeed. Vena Cava are very fast aren’t they? I do love their site. Have you ever ordered anything from Sew Curvy? I just got the Sophia Underbust Corset pattern from there so will be making a start on that this weekend. I haven’t made myself a corset for probably a decade, too busy making them for other people so watch this space. Does that count as undies on top? Love the B52’s, was dancing to Rock Lobster with Sprogzilla the other weekend. Can’t believe that album came out so long ago. 🙂

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    1. Vena Cava are amazing- I’m tempted by the Sophia corset as I do want to make ONE more corset, despite finding them very tedious! Yes, it’s def undies on top lol. The sewing stops me murdering the people I work for, so it’s a practical solution- better than digging deep mass graves or having to dissolve people like in Breaking Bad…ahem


  2. When I was in Whitby the other year during Goth Weekend there were a number of ‘outside’ bustles walking around. There was also an amazing cage crinoline, with cogs at each joint. She wore a very short petticoat under it and fishnet stocking that came just above her knee, she also wore victorian style boots with a small heel. Wish I’d taken a photo.

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  3. Your ready-to-be-sewn list is impressive! I should think if I were to squeeze my frame into a lobster (or any) bustle I’d be a true danger to anyone or anything in my path. And yet you design them, sew them, and wear them beautifully. Again, impressive! 😀

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