Sewing Bee #2: Cape Fear

10 thoughts on “Sewing Bee #2: Cape Fear”

  1. I’m switching off Sewing Bee. On the baking thing they look for people who can actually bake, on Sewing Bee they look for people who can’t sew for sh*te. Waste of time, but still, weirdly addictive…..

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  2. Well I saw your post and had to go watch it just so I could see what all the (lack of) fuss was about. My Mum though it was a load of rubbish and I am really finding it hard to get worked up about this series. The last one had some great sewers on it. This one is a bit “meh”. Still I am not doing it so will reserve judgement. It must be very hard to sew to such tight deadlines and under such scrutiny. Really looking forward to the lingerie sewing episode as this is comfy ground for me. I am expecting no pants. 😀 Xx

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  3. Not loving this series, not that I thought a lot about last years. I read somewhere that part of next weeks challenge is bra making – could be good for a laugh or shouting at.

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  4. A little something, might interest you, might not…

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