What’s the plan, Stan?

I’ve been shamefully lax in my sewing this week, and haven’t done a fat lot beyond thinking about it, moving things around on the table, trying not to buy more stuff [fail] and struggling to keep sane while work pressure builds up again. The GP has upped my beta-blocker dose, and a day off work … Continue reading What’s the plan, Stan?

Groovy Baby!

There’s just something about purple velvet…even if it’s moleskin if you know what I mean?  The missus is very happy with this shirt, and I think the colour suits her beautifully.  It will also segue nicely into the steampunk wardrobe, just add a nice cravat, and it will look brilliant! As usual, she moaned about … Continue reading Groovy Baby!

Like a Boss

Is thata  joke where you live?  Tacking ‘like a boss’ onto any banal activity to make it ironic?  Works for me.  Anyway, given that this is Hugo Boss linen fabric, the missus is definitely modelling it ‘like a boss’. I only had to nag and threaten a bit to get her out in the sunshine … Continue reading Like a Boss

Shirt geekery

Useless information #1 A pintucked shirt in French [please correct any errors] is a chemise à nervures. ‘Nervures’ in English are the veins on an insects wing. This made me very happy. The shirt is finished, the buttons are on, all is good.  Pictures later when the missus models it for me. Continue reading Shirt geekery

All tuckered out…

…making this flipping shirt!  Friday was lost to post-work-knackeredness, Saturday and half of Sunday were lost to the missus taking over the sewing space to armour plate some jeans.  Seriously.  She’s transferring biker armour from her old pair of jeans into a new pair, as buying new would be several hundred squid. She’s WAY more … Continue reading All tuckered out…