Tucking in

After a looooong week and marking, and finally completing the first unit [400 papers take longer than you’d think, I can tell you], I managed to snag an hour or two sewing this afternoon before starting on the next unit. Not enough, but it will have to do.  I’ve still got just over three more … Continue reading Tucking in

Market Forces

No I’m not going to talk about THAT, I still feel very raw and upset.  Instead, a  distraction:  two more dates for rag market meets, which will follow neatly after all my exam marking and the start of my summer break.  Get your diaries, and book those tickets, join us for some fabric frenzy: Tuesday … Continue reading Market Forces

Mebbe, mebbe not…

…or possibly just ‘Meh.  Bee.’ Dull dull dull dull dull.  Did I say dull?  Why do the ruddy judges feel the need to dramatics their discussion/commentary?  I mean, blimey, it’s SEWING.  Everyone watching knows it’s sewing, and sewing is not EXCITING no matter how much you enjoy it.  Agitating, yes, but exciting?  Every bloody week, … Continue reading Mebbe, mebbe not…

Busy busy busy

While the pressure at work is off now, and most of the students have finished, or almost finished all their exams/asssignments, I come home to the much greater pressure of exam marking deadlines.  So I’m drumming my fingers impatiently at work until I can escape to get back to the productive part of the day… … Continue reading Busy busy busy


Paleology, speleology and steampunk-my birthday jaunt was an absolute delight on all levels. We drove down to South Wales straight after work on Friday, through the last of the [very] heavy rain.  Thanks to the excellent directions, we found our chosen B&B very easily, despite its location up a dirt track…what a gem!  Llundain Fach … Continue reading Paleo/Speleo/What-ho!