Sewing Bee #3:Undie-whelmed

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    1. I know- the first 2 weeks didn’t seem to show the crappy judging of previous seasons…unfortunately they made up for it in episode 3. Sigh. All we want is some consistency- you wouldn’t get some broken, burnt piece of crap winning first place in the Bake Off would you? Shameful.


  1. Wine and cake sounds like a good combination.
    I wouldn’t want to be on the Sewing Bee – everything is done too fast for me: I would panic. I am so glad you mentionedsomeone else was annoyed by the godets & the “Mumsy” remark. I thought it might just be me.

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    1. The worst godets I’ve ever seen, and it was praised. I know they don’t have time to press anything, but that was disgracefully messy. And the other camisole might have been a bit dull, but it was very neatly finished.

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      1. I was just saying so the missus- at least first season the right one won [after a few odd challenges, but there you go]. I don’t see that it’s really doing the job of getting people to sew when that idiot commentator does her little spiels about how incredibly difficult it all is, and they have so many people on it who just can’t sew! Mad.

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    2. Glad is wasn’ t just me thinking WTF at both of those things! Badly sewn should not come above something the judges don’t like style wise, it’s a sewing bee not a design bee!

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  2. What did you think of Monday’s? I only watched it last night. I quite liked all the peplum dresses but then again I adore wax cloth. I think that it might be getting better. I have bought the book to review it. Xc

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    1. We just watched it last night- I agree, the judging wasn’t as crazy, although Mr Beardy is getting rather rude to the contestants. Some of the things made were quite good, but the wrong one [this week at least] went home. He should have gone weeks ago tbh


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