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  1. Don’t know if you have already seen this http://www.sewing.patternreview.com/review/pattern/104535 which has quite a lot of detail on constructing a similar front to your second photo?

    There is also a shop down an alley in the northern section of the main Camden market which has beautifully constructed (and expensive) black coats and jackets similar in feel to some of your pins. They are very interesting to examine, although beyond my skills as yet (but not yours.)

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    1. hmmm dunno about that! We have a great place in Brum: he Oasis Market, which sells loads of Goth, punk etc stuff. THere are often some very clever designs available, but it’s the time investment that I’m not ready for I think. I’m just not enough of a perfectionist for some of these beauties!

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  2. I LOVE both of these and I want one of those hoodies too! We should start a trend of middle-aged ladies in mythical creature hoodies. I am well up to being a Dragon (or a Unicorn) for a day. 🙂 The coat in the second photo doesn’t look like it would be too hard to recreate from a normal coat pattern. I have a great book on draping, although to be honest I haven’t followed any of the exercises in it yet but have read it cover to cover many times. It is “Draping: The Complete Course” by Karolyn Kissel and I bought it from Amazon. It is a whopper, has lots of well written text, good pictures AND comes with a DVD. It is just short of £25 on Amazon, I think it is well worth it. I really learnt a lot just through reading it and have used the mechanics and principles when I have been draping corsets (though not the one in the book which is very nice, BTW). Looking forward to seeing your plans come to fruition. Xx

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