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  1. I knew about all those suppliers except the Italian Textile Co – I’ve just had a look and had to add it to my list of ‘Follows’. Naughty Fairy for bringing it to my notice. I’ve had some lovely stuff from the Textile Centre since I got to know about it, not too impressed with Tia Knight since my last purchase – had a fault in it in several places and when I let them know they sent me another piece of the same fabric with exactly the same fault.

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    1. I used Tia Knight a lot when I first started working with stretch fabrics after many moons of dodging them. Cheap and cheerful, and I only ever had one fabric that I didn’t like once I got it. The Italian Textile co is my downfall now, I spend soooo much but all the fabrics are absolute top quality, and very unusual. Love ’em


  2. I love The Textile Centre and tend to use them for most of my fabric purchases now, except for the odd impulse buy from Mandor’s (in Glasgow) and John Lewis. Do you know “Regency Rag Store” and “The Fabricman”? Both really good resources for cheap fabric too with some nice odds and ends. (Sorry, I can add in links but I can’t seem to load eBay). 🙂 Xx

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